Trax Twizzler on Tapp (Show Pointed)CH Highpoint Living LegendCH Sanbar's Truly LegendaryGCH Star Synchronous Rotation CD RN MH SDX RD VXCH Camelot's Go for Gold
CH Star Wilwin Figure Skater JH CD RN NSD NRD VX BROM FROM
CH Greysea's WIsh Come TrueCH Blazin' Love von Reiteralm CD TD MH RDX SDX VX3
CH Grayshar's Odessa Spirit
Am/Can CH Bartland's Hipoint Over the TopGCH Waltz to the Top v AnsonAm/Can CH Anson's Highlander
Can CH Waltz Grayce v Silversmith
Can CH Bartland's Pocketful of Pose Can FDJAm/Can CH Bartland's Inferno of Dante Can CD
Can CH Winstrae's Legacy of Bartland
CH Trax on the Run JH NSD NRD VGCH Breica's Extreme Exposure JH NSD NRD VLux CH Kolata's Surfers ParadiseAm/Can CH Colsidex Nani Reprint JH SD BROM HOF
CH Unity Juscanis Surely Temple
Am/Can CH Lani Breica Crswnd Whatittakes BROMGCH Nani's Crosswinds First Look(Netherlands) (Field Pointed)
Am/Can CH Tsuru-Tani Nani Ekahi Surfs Up
GCH Trax Tour de Force CD RE TD SH NAP NAJP OFP CA NSD NRD VX NAVHDA NA2 CGC ( Field Pointed)Am/Can CH Blitzkrieg's QP Trax Whistlin' Dixon CD Can CD TD RN SDX NRD (Field FC AFC Saga's Blitzkrieg v Reiteralm MH SDX RDX
Axel's Tru Calling Windancer JH NRD (Field Pointed)
Am/Can FC One Trax Mind NAVHDA UT2 NA1 Can FD NRD FROM (Show Pointed)FC Waybac's Rascal
Am/Can CH Regen's Bismarck Mars-La-Tour CD RN Can CDX RD NAVHDA NA2 FROM
American Kennel Club
Conformation Major Show Pointed
Conformation Best of Breed (BOB)