FC/AFC Silver Rain N Edelweiss Traxion Tire NFC FC AFC Snake Breaks Lutz Deluna v ReiteralmFC AFC NAFC Snake Breaks Sgt Schultz FROM HOF2xNFC FC Lay Back Nick Chopper SDX FROM HOFFC AFC Mile Hi Caspar v Gip
Gandalf Lay Back LC Smith
Baby Deaugh SH SD NRDWeiner Schnitzel's McDuff NSD FROM
Charlie's Angel II SDX
FC J.P. Getty von Reiteralm NRDDC NFC NAFC AFC Snake Break's Saga v Reiteralm CD MH RDX VX2 FROMNAFC FC AFC Snake Breaks Sgt Schultz FROM HOF
FC Arimarlisa's Rudi v Reiteralm FROM
Can CH Reiteralm's Absolute Point JH NSD FROMFC Grey Wynn Bad to the Bone FROM
Bayer's Carrera von Reiteralm
NWA NAFC FC GAFC WestWeim CJ Trax v Reiteralm JH NRD FROM NA2Er and S Bud E. Cooper (Field Pointed)NFC NAFC FC AFC Scooby Doo's Treeline Storm CDX NRD V FROMFC AFC Stormcrow's Deaugh Blitzen SH
Treeline's Lyza Jayne FROM
Erbenhof S and S Razzmatazz JH AX AXJ NSD NRD VFC Lil-Ryder's Grau Geist Gator CD
Erbenhof Amazing Grace
FC AFC Gould's Outlaw Jessie Jane SDX NRD FROM NAVHDA UT1NFC FC NAFC AFC Grau Geist Lil's Gust v Westend CD RE MH SDX RDX VX FROM HOFNFC FC AFC Westend's Li'l Sage Rider CD SH NSD NRD V FROM HOF
NFC FC AFC Grau Geist Lilith Von Legs NRD HOF
NAFC FC AFC Gould's Jus Call Me TJ FROMFC Gould's Thunder Und Blitz JH
Outdoors Goulds Electricity (Field Pointed)
American Kennel Club
Field Field Champion (FC)
Field Amateur Field Champion (AFC)
Weimaraner Club of America
Field Western Classic Amateur Gun Dog – 1st Place