FC AFC PM Trax Trigger Happy NAVHDA NA1FC Waybac's RascalFC Jax's Waybac Tyler NRDFC AFC Stormcrow's Deaugh Blitzen SHNFC 4xNAFC DC AFC Top Deaugh MH SDX NRD VX HOF
Prairie Deaugh MH SDX NRD FROM (Field Pointed)
Treeline's Lyza Jayne FROMFC Outdoors Rising Sun FROM
FC Windchyme FROM
Grau Geist Remember the Alamo FROM (Field Pointed)NFC FC AFC Westend's Li'l Sage Rider CD SH NSD NRD V FROM HOFFC AFC Falke von Horn
Westend's Desert Star (Field Pointed)
Grau Geist Lil's Grau Haus Maus FROM (Field Pointed)FC NAFC AFC Gray's Ghost Hunter JH
NFC FC AFC Grau Geist Lilith von Legs NRD V FROM HOF
Am/Can CH Camelot's Good Morning StarshineCH Camelot's Playboy to the StarsCH Smoky City True Grit BROMCH Smokey City El Nino JH BROM
CH Smoky City D'Under Laser Beam BROM
CH Camelot's Star Attraction BROMCH Colsidex Blueprint BROM
CH Camelot's Femme Fatale BROM
CH Camelot's Any Day NowAm/Can CH Greywind's High Flying Cloud JH TD NSD V BROMCH Wolfstadt's First Frost NSD BROM
CH Greywind's Snow Bird NSD BROM
CH Camelot's Good Golly Ms MollyCH Colsidex Blueprint BROM
CH Camelot's Halley's Comet BROM
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
Field Natural Ability Prize 1 (NA1)
American Kennel Club
Field Field Champion (FC)
Field Amateur Field Champion (AFC)
Weimaraner Club of America
Field Western Open Walking Gun Dog – 1st Place