Trax Kill Bill CDX RN Can TD CD RN (Show and Field Pointed)Samson von Kendzor Haus (Field Pointed)FC Briarmeadow ShadowFC Outdoors Rising Sun FROMFC AFC Andick's Big Time Jake FROM
FC AFC Outdoors Tony Lama FROM HOF
FC Windchyme FROM2xNFC FC Lay Back Nick Chopper FROM HOF
NFC AFC Outdoors Starfire
Helga von HopkinsbergFC Duser's Amazin AceFC AFC Andick's Big Time Jake FROM
FC AFC Richmark Diamond FROM
Lane's Hannah of Harley Dee (Field Pointed)NFC AFC Hoglunds Tiger von Thor
FC Outdoors Urban Terrorist
Am/Can OTCH Can TCh VCh Regen's State of the Art VCD2 UDX2 RE TDX MH SDX RDX VX4 Can FDX AgI AgNJ NAVHDA NA1 UT2 (Field Pointed)DC Von Weiner's Withheld MH CDX RDX VX2DC Tri-D's Sterling Sliver (Dual Futurity Award)CH Eb's You Otta See Me Now
CH Tri-D's Bain de Soleil
CH Octrude von Weiner CDX TD SHCH Camelot's Charming Crusader CD
Greysport Perfect Peach CDX TD SH
TC AFC Can CH Can MOTCh Can VCh Regen's Summer Blaze VCD3 UDX2 RE MH MX MXJ SDX RDX VX6 BROM FROM Can FDX Can AGX Can TDX Navhda UT1 HOFCH Jak's Repeat OffenderCH Indigo's Bleu Silversmith CD
Jak's Some like it Hot
BISS Am/Can CH Skyhi's EZ Magical Reign UD JH Can CDX SD NRD CGC TDI VX BROMBIS Am/Can CH Valmar's Smokey City Ultra Easy CD JH NSD BROM HOF
CH Kristof's Midnight Ruby NSD NRD V
Canadian Kennel Club
Conformation Show Pointed
Tracking Tracking Dog (TD)
Obedience Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
Obedience Rally Novice (RN)
Obedience 3 x High in Trial (HIT)
Field Field Pointed
Field High Scoring Dog in Test
American Kennel Club
Obedience Companion Dog (CD)
Obedience Rally Novice (RN)
Tracking Certification (Pass)