Annie is a field specialist that was pretty much born for the sport of field trailing – winning easily, winning young and winning often in both all breed and Weimaraner Club of America Regional and National competitions including the Eastern Puppy and Derby Classics, the Mid-America Futurity and both WCA National and National Amateur Field Championships. Annie has made it to the #1 spot in the WCA All-Age/Gun Dog standings and has twice won the National Weimaraner Association National Field Championship. Competing against the best of the best she has twice made a statement at the AKC National Gun Dog Championship by placing 2nd out of  a field of 76 competitors and 3rd out of a field of 69 competitors. Making history, Annie is the first to earn an AKC Grand Field Champion title and she is in a league of her own as the only Weimaraner to hold a total of five AKC Field Trial Championship titles.  Around home she is an adorable sweetheart that simply can’t get enough loving.

Annie’s Pedigree     Annie in Competition

NFC NAFC GFC AFC 2xNWA NFC WestWeim Get Yer Gun Ms Oakley (Show Pointed)Erbenhof S and S Bud E. Cooper (Field Pointed)NFC NAFC FC AFC Scooby Doo's Treeline Storm CDX NRD V FROMFC AFC Stormcrow's Deaugh Blitzen SHNFC 4xNAFC DC AFC Top Deaugh MH SDX NRD VX HOF
Prairie Deaugh MH FROM (Field Pointed)
Treeline's Lyza Jayne FROMFC Outdoors Rising Sun FROM
FC Windchyme FROM
Erbenhof S and S Razzmatazz JH AX AXJ NSD NRD VFC Lil-Ryder's Grau Geist Gator CDNFC FC AFC Westend's Li'l Sage Rider CD SH NSD NRD V FROM HOF
NFC FC AFC Grau Geist Lilith Von Legs NRD FROM HOF
Erbenhof Amazing GraceLucky Deaugh (Field and Show Pointed)
S N S Jessie James
FC AFC Gould's Outlaw Jessie Jane SDX NRD FROM NAVHDA UT1NFC FC NAFC AFC Grau Geist Lil's Gust v Westend CD RE MH SDX RDX VX FROMNFC FC AFC Westend's Li'l Sage Rider CD SH NSD NRD V FROM HOFFC AFC Falke von Horn
Westend's Desert Star (Field Pointed)
NFC FC AFC Grau Geist Lilith Von Legs NRD FROM HOFMile Hi Bandit v Gip (Field Pointed)
FC AFC Qizef's Grau Geist Marlene FROM
NAFC FC AFC Gould's Jus Call Me TJ FROMFC Gould's Thunder Und Blitz JHNFC AFC Hoglunds Tiger Von Thor
Sharp's Lady Genevieve (Field Pointed)
Outdoors Goulds Electricity (Field Pointed)FC AFC Andick's Big Time Jake FROM
FC AFC Outdoors Tony Lama FROM HOF
American Kennel Club
Field Grand Field Champion (GFC)
Field National Field Champion (NFC)
Field National Amateur Field Champion (NAFC)
Field Field Champion (FC)
Field Amateur Field Champion (AFC)
Conformation Show Pointed
Weimaraner Club of America
Field Eastern Puppy Classic – 1st Place
Field Eastern Derby Classic – 1st Place
Field Mid-America Futurity – 1st Place
Field National Futurity – 3rd Place
Field National Championship – 1st, 2x 3rd, 2x 4th Place
Field National Amateur Championship – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place
Field Mid-America Open Gun Dog – 1st Place
Field Mid-America Open All Age – 2x 1st Place
Field Western Amateur Gun Dog – 2x 1st Place
Field #1 All Age/Gun Dog
National Weimaraner Association
Field 2x National Field Champion