Trax Breeding Program

The Trax Weimaraner breeding program is a North America wide network of like-minded competitors and breeders  that collaborate under the guidance of head coach Shirley Nilsson in striving to produce and acquire confident, healthy pups with sound temperaments, good conformation, genetic diversity, natural field ability and great aptitude for success in performance events, with a particular emphasis on producing Dual Champion Weimaraners.  All this pretty accurately summed up by the Trax motto ‘Home of Beautiful Working Dogs’.

I was fortunate to have a Dual Champion as my foundation bitch more than 20 years ago.  However, it was clear even then that the days of fully show bred Weimaraners being competitive in Field Trial competition and fully field trial bred Weimaraner being competitive in Conformation competition were numbered due to the ever increasing quality required for success in either venue.  Typically the show bred dogs lacked the drive, groundspeed, range or style needed for field trials and the field bred dogs often lacked the size, substance and breed type required for show ring success.

About 15 years ago I embarked on a systematic program of crossing the better working of the show bred dogs I could find with the better built of the field trial bred dogs I could identify, incorporating foreign born dogs to add genetic diversity and capitalizing on the efforts of other dual-oriented breeders by acquiring and developing offspring from promising dual type matchups.

Even in the first generation of this blending produced a Dual Champion and within a few generations of dogs equally competitive in show and field competition became common and Trax has become far and away the predominant kennel currently producing Dual Champions as well as top working dogs in all other performance disciplines.