Whether in the field or show ring, Tater is a very happy boy who is very confident and excited to learn new things. He loves people and snuggling, birds and hunting, and he is proving to be a solid dual prospect. 

Tater’s Pedigree     Tater in Competition

Trax Yukon Gold (Show Pointed)Can CH Trax Steely Dan Can FDJAm/Can CH Another Roadside Attraxxion RN Can TD FD WDJ RN (Field Pointed)Can GCH Trax Sako Superformance Can RNAm/Can CH Bartland's View From the Top
Legend's Emma of Reiteralm NAVHDA NA1 NSD NRD
FC Can CH Trax Navajo Piper RN Can CD TD FDX Am/Can RN FC Waybac's Rascal FROM
Am/Can CH Regen's Bismarck Mars La Tour CD Can CDX Can RD NAVHDA NA2
FC Trax Ivy League RN TD Can TD FD (Show Pointed and Dual Futurity)Can CH Trax Edenrock One Night Stand JHCH Sanbar's Truly Legendary
Am/Can CH Can OTCh Trax Edenrock One Hot Mama CD Can RA TD FDJ CGN (Field Pointed)
FC Reiteralm Legacy von Trax FC Outdoors Sport FROM
FC Saga's J.P. Getty von Reiteralm FROM NRD
DC AFC Trax Powder Hound RN TD JH OA NAJ OF NSD NRD VX NAVHDA NA1 GCH Trax Blaise Pascal JH BROMCH Camelot's I'm a Travelin' Man BROMCH Doc N' Camelot's Heaven Can Wait BROM
Trax Jet Stream Can FDJ (Show and Field Pointed)Am/Can CH Blitzkrieg's QP Trax Whistlin' Dixon Am/Can CD Can TD RN SDX NRD (Field Pointed)
Can CH OTCH Trax Thunder Thighs UD TD Can FD TDX NAVHDA NA1 (Field Pointed)
DC Can CH PM Trax Day Tripper CD OA OAJ NF TDX VCD1 Can CD AgN AgNJ TDX V BROM NAVHDA NA1 FC Waybac's Rascal FROMFC Jax's Waybac Tyler NRD
Grau Geist Remember the Alamo FROM (Field Pointed)
Am/Can CH Camelot's Good Morning StarshineCH Camelot's Playboy to the Stars
CH Camelot's Any Day Now
American Kennel Club
Show Major Show Pointed