Rush is a big, handsome, happy guy who loves everyone he meets.  A biddable and versatile pup,  his passions thus far are fieldwork, swimming, tracking, and retrieving. 

Rush’s Pedigree     Rush in Competition

Tui Trax Adrenaline Rush RN TD JH SD NRD (Show Pointed)Southpaw's Otter Creek Idle Low NRD NAVHDA NA1 (Field and Show Pointed)Southpaw's Ottercreek Takin It N'Stride NA1 (Field Pointed)FC AFC Snake Breaks n Reiteralm Gleaming Saber JH NRD NAFC FC AFC Snake Breaks Sgt Schultz FROM HOF
FC Saga's JP Getty von Reiteralm NRD FROM
WestWeim's Southern Style SDX NAVHDA NA3 (Field Pointed)FC Buck's Blue Boy
FC AFC Gould's Outlaw Jessie Jane SDX NRD FROM NAVHDA UT1
NFC NAFC FC AFC Southpaw's Ottercreek Bailee Belle JH NRD NAVHDA NA3 FROMNAVHDA VC FC AFC Windancers Jota v Reiteralm MH SDX RDX NFC FC AFC Westend's Li'l Sage Rider CD SH V FROM HOF
FC Reiteralms Sanbar Snake Break
Southpaw's Blue Ride Beaut JH FC AFC Gould's Jus Git R Done v Zdon SDX
Maya Girl Gray Perfection CD JH NSD RD NAVHDA NA1
Am/Can CH Trax Edenrock Waltzing Matilda SH NA2 (Field Pointed)CH Jake's Tanka Siyosuka GanohaldohiDC Sir Anthony's Jake of Sanbar NAJ NJP VXFC NAFC AFC Snake Breaks Sgt Schultz FROM HOF
CH Sanbar's Send Me No Flowers
CH Graysea's Wish Come True BROMCH Blazin' Love Von Reiteralm MH SDX NRD VX BROM
CH Grayshar's Odessa Spirit MH SD RD VX BROM
Am/Can CH Can OTCh Trax Edenrock One Hot Mama CD Can RE TD FDJ AgN AgNJ (Field Pointed)FC Waybac's Rascal FROMFC Jax's Waybac Tyler NRD
Grau Geist Remember the Alamo (Field Pointed)
Am/Can CH Regens's Bismarck Mars La Tour CD Can CDX Can RD NAVHDA NA2TC CT Can OTCh Can VCh Regen's Rip Stop VCD3 UDX5 OM1 MH MX MXJ SDX
Sophie James FROM
Weimaraner Club of America
Field  Shooting Dog (SD)
Field  Novice Retrieving Dog (NRD)
American Kennel Club
Field  Junior Hunter (JS)
Conformation Show Pointed
Tracking Tracking Dog (TD)
Obedience Rally Novice (RN)