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Weimaraners are an active breed, needing lengthy periods of daily exercise, particularly between 1-3 years of age. They tend to be very bonded to their family. If raised with cats or other types of household pets they generally can happily co-exist with them. Outdoors on walks or hikes Weimaraners tend to stay in close touch with their owners, however, they will have to be trained not to chase wildlife.Most Weimaraners love to swim and fetch. Weimaraners do best as house, rather than outdoor or kennel dogs, and always do best if never spoiled and given obedience and manners training starting right from 8 weeks of age. TRAX puppies are always home raised, socialized to cats, kids, water, livestock and exposed to birds, swimming and given basic obedience lessons.  TRAX puppies born in Canada come with microchips.

Each Trax litter undergoes extensive puppy temperament, hunting aptitude testing and conformation assessment between 7 and 8 weeks. This information is used to match pups to prospective homes. If you are interested in more information about a puppy from a current or future Trax litter, please email or phone, Shirley Nilsson, at 250-490-0750 Pacific Time zone, evenings after five is the best time to call.  Hovering over the Puppies menu button will allow you to access information about upcoming litter timing and location, puppy pictures and a puppy application form.  If you do not receive a timely response confirming receipt of your puppy application please email to ensure it was received.

For those not wanting to start with a baby puppy, contact us about older puppies or adults that are occasionally available from TRAX or through other reputable breeders or local Weimaraner rescue agencies.