May 2023 – Badda Bing, Badda Boom

Several of the Traxters have been flexing their muscles afield lately: Esme attained both CKC Field and Amateur Field Championship titles with a 5 point major Amateur Shooting Dog stake win, Frances finished an AKC Master Hunter title, Pie and Tilde got themselves AKC Senior Hunter titles, Kenni and Beck got themselves CKC Field Dog Excellent titles with top scores of 96 and 99/100 respectively, Kenni iced the cake with back to back CKC Amateur and Open Shooting Dog field trial stake wins and a three point major in a CKC Open Shooting Dog stake, Ivy got a pair of three point majors in CKC Amateur Shooting Dog stakes, Luke won an AKC Open Gun Dog stake and the yearling Dezzi garnered a maximum 100/100 score en route to a CKC Field Dog Junior title.  Swell done everyone!