March 2020 – Switching Gears

Extra credit goes out this month all of the Trax’ters that are actively competing in four or more competitive venues including such varied things as urban tracking, scent detection, tricks, lure coursing, barn hunt, agility, obedience, pointing and retrieving events, conformation showing and dock diving. These impressive gear-switchers are pictured doing one of their things: Audrey Rose in Lure Coursing, Taylor in Agility, Navi in Field Trialing, Ocean in Dock Diving, Brynn in Hunt Testing, Beck in Retrieving, Puck in Tracking, Ellie in Conformation Showing, Rizz in Agility, Brava in Obedience,  Prim in Urban Tracking, Avy in Agility, Soba in Field Trialing and Mick in Rally Obedience.