Ingeniosus Trax Hold My BeerGCH Camelot's Zebulon Herne CD BN SH SD NRD VXCH Camelot's The Fed ExpressGCH Doc N'Camelot's Heaven Can Wait BROMGCH Camelot's Knockin' On Heaven's Door BROM
Am/Can CH Silver Clouds Grand Contess BROM HOF
CH Camelot's She's PricelessCH Camelot's Marathon Man
CH Camelot's Utake My Breath Away
Ch Camelot's Heaven From North CountryGCH Camelot's Knockin' On Heaven's Door BROMCH Camelot's Main Attraction
CH Axel Reiteralm of Weimar's Joy CD JH NRD V NAVHDA NA3 BROM FROM (Netherlands)
CH Axels Reiteralm Chica v Kasamar JH BROMCh Kasamar Miss Liberty JH NRD NSD V
Am Can CH Silverhoney's She's The One CD TD OA AXJ VCD1 NRD VX
CH Tui Trax Hurricane Alley NAVHDA NA1 GCH Silverhoney's Rockets Red Glare JHCH Brittania Caballero de Plata CD JH NRD V BROMCH Wismar's Sir Winston Davis BROM
CH TD's Tiffany Silver v Wismar
GCH Can CH Silverhoney's Legally Blonde BN RN JH NSD VGCH Hibourne's It's All About Me
Am/Can CH Silverhoney's Golden Girl CD BN RA
Am/Can CH Can OTCh Trax Am/Can CH Trax Edenrock Waltzing Matilda NA2 (Field Pointed)CH Jake's Tanka Siyosuka GanohaldohiDC Sir Anthony's Jake of Sanbar NAJ NJP VX
CH Graysea's Wish Come True BROM
Am/Can CH Regens's Am/Can CH Can OTCh Trax Edenrock One Hot Mama CD Can RE TD FDJr AgN AgNJ (Field Pointed)FC Waybac's Rascal FROM
Am/Can CH Regens's Bismarck Mars La Tour CD Can CDX Can RD NAVHDA
American Kennel Club
Conformation Show Pointed