Can CH Trax Any Given Sunday RE TD SH Can RM TDX UTD FD WDJ NAVHDA NA1 Trax Search Engine (Field Pointed)CH Jake's Tanka Siyosuka GanohaldohiDC Sir Anthony's Jake of Sanbar NAJ VXNAFC FC AFC Snake Breaks Sgt Schultz FROM HOF
CH Sanbar's Send Me No Flowers
CH Graysea's Wish Come True BROMCH Blazin' Love von Reiteralm MH SDX NRD VX BROM
CH Grayshar's Odessa Spirit MH SD RD VX BROM
FC Reiteralm Legacy von TraxFC Outdoors Sport FROMNFC FC Briarmeadow Buck FROM
FC Outdoors Twister FROM
FC Saga's J.P. Getty von Reiterlalm FROM NRDDC NFC NAFC AFC Snake Breaks Saga v Reiteralm CD MH RDX VX2 FROM
Can CH Reiteralm's Absolute Point JH NSD FROM
CH Trax Business Time MH SDX NRD NAVHDA NA3 (Field Pointed and Dual Futurity)GCH Breica's Extreme ExposureJH NSD NRD VLux CH Kolata's Surfer's ParadiseAm/Can CH Colsidex Nani Reprint JH SD BROM HOF
CH Unity Juscanis Surely Temple
Am/Can CH Nani Breica Crswnd Whatittakes BROMGCH Nani's Crosswinds First Look
Am/Can CH Tsuru-Tani Nani Ekahi Surfs Up
GCH Trax Tour de Force CD RE TD MH NAP NAJP OFP CA NSD NRD VX NAVHDA NA2 (Field Pointed)Am/Can CH Blitzkrieg's QP Trax Whistlin' Dixon CD Can CD RN TD SDX NRD VX (Field Pointed)FC AFC Saga's Blitzkrieg von Reiteralm MH SDX RDX
Axel's Tru Calling Windancer JH NRD (Field Pointed)
Am/Can FC One Trax Mind NAVHDA UT2 NA1 Can FD NRD (Show Pointed)FC Waybac's Rascal
Am/Can CH Regen's Bismarck Mars-La-Tour CD RN Can CDX RD NAVHDA NA2
Canadian Kennel Club
Field Field Dog (FD)
Field Water Dog Junior (WDJ)
Tracking Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)
Tracking Urban Tracking Dog (UTD)
Conformation Champion (CH)
Obedience Rally Master (RM)
Obedience High in Trial (HIT)
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
Field Natural Ability – Prize 1 – 112 (NA1)
American Kennel Club
Obedience Rally Excellent (RE)
FIeld Senior Hunter (SH)
Conformation  Major Show Pointed
Tracking  Tracking Dog (TD)
Conformation  Best of Breed (BOB)