American Kennel Club
Obedience Rally Excellent (RE)
Field Senior Hunter (SH)
Tracking Tracking Dog (TD)
Canadian Kennel Club
Field Field Dog (FD)
Field Major Field Pointed
Tracking Tracking Dog (TD)
Obedience Companion Dog (CD)
Obedience Rally Master (RM)
Trax Fresh Pony RE SH TD Can CD RM TD FD (Field Pointed) Am/Can CH Trax Edenrock Start Me Up RE TDX Can CD RE TDX FDJ WDJAm/Can CH Blitzkrieg's QP Trax Whistlin' Dixon CD Can CD RN TD SDX NRD VX (Field Pointed)FC AFC Saga's Blitzkrieg von Reiteralm MH SDX RDXDC NFC NAFC AFC Snake Breaks Saga v Reiteralm CD MH RDX VX2 FROM
Can CH Reiteralm's Absolute Point JH NSD FROM
Axel's Tru Calling Windancer JH NRD (Field Pointed)FC Grey Wynn Bad to the Bone FROM
CH Axel Reiteralm of Weimar's Joy CD JH RD NSD VX BROM FROM (Netherlands) (Field Pointed)
DC Can CH PM Trax Day Tripper CD NA OAJ NF TDX Can CD AgN AgNJ TDX VNAVHDA NA1FC Waybac's RascalFC Jax's Waybac Tyler NRD
Grau Geist Remember the Alamo FROM (Field Pointed)
Am/Can CH Camelot's Good Morning StarshineCH Camelot's Playboy to the Stars
CH Camelot's Any Day Now
Trax Tiger Lily Can FDJAm/Can CH Trax Who Dat von Reiteralm Can FDJrGCH Camelot's Knockin' on Heaven's DoorCH Camelot's Main Attraction
Ch Camelot's Happy Times
Ch Axel's Reiteralm Chica v KasamarCH Axel Reiteralm of Weimar's Joy CD JH NRD BROM FROM NA3 (Field Pointed) (Netherlands)
Ch Kasamar Miss Liberty JH NSD NRD V
Trax Kill Bill CDX RN Can TD CD RN (Show and Field Pointed)Samson von Kendzor Haus (Field Pointed)FC Briarmeadow Shadow
Helga von Hopkinsberg
Am/Can OTCH Can TCh VCh Regen's State of the Art VCD2 UDX2 RE TDX MH SDX RDX VX4 Can FDX AgI AgNJ NAVHDA NA1 UT2 (Field Pointed)DC Von Weiner's Withheld MH CDX RDX VX2
TC AFC Can CH Can MOTCh Can VCh Regen's Summer Blaze VCD3 UDX2 RE MH MX MXJ SDX RDX VX6 BROM FROM Can FDX Can AGX Can TDX Navhda UT1 HOF