Alley CH Tui Trax Hurricane Alley NAVHDA NA1 
Audrey Rose MACH PACH Trax Audrey Rose RN SH MXB MJS OF NSD NRD VX
Billie Can CH Trax Tui Edenrock By Re-Quest RN TD JH Can RN TD FDJ NSD (Field Pointed and Dual Futurity)
Birdie Trax Lady Bird of the Lake Can RN FDJ (Show Pointed)
Bonnie Trax Bona Fide RN SDX RD NAVHDA NA1 (Show and Field Pointed and Dual Futurity)
Briar CH Trax Briar Rose SH SDX NRD V
Dezzi Can CH Ingeniosus Trax Deztiny’s Child RN TDX Can RN TDX FDJ NSD NRD (Dual Futurity)
Ellie GCH Trax in the Ozarks CD RA SH OA OAJ NF NSD NRD VX
Emz CH Trax Playing With Fire TD NSD NRD VX NAVHDA NA1 (Field Pointed)
Frances Trax Gambit Francey Pants RN CD MH NAVHDA NA2 (Field and Show Pointed)
Gracie GCH Trax Amazing Grace JH
Ivy FC Can AFC Trax Ivy League RN TD Can TD FD (Show Pointed and Dual Futurity)
Kenni Am/Can CH Trax Any Given Sunday CDX RM TDU TDX SH Can CD RM TDX UTD FDX WDJ SDX RD VX3 NAVHDA NA1 (Field Pointed)
Lola Trax Lolapalooza RA CDX TD TDU JH SDX RDX NAVHDA NA1 (Show and Field Pointed)
NYX Trax The Notorious NYX RN TD Can FDJ RA NAVHDA NA1 (Field Pointed)
Ocean CH MACH5 RACH Trax Seahabilitation UDX OM3 JH MXS MJS MFG T2B5 DM NSD NRD VX3 (OTCh pointed)
Onyx Graenit’s Trax Ancient Jewel of the Forest (Field Pointed)
Pie CH Trax Gambit National Velvet SH
Pink Trax Dream Diamond BN RI NA NAJ SH NSD NRD (Show Pointed)
Raffi Trax Hakuna Matata TD NSD NAVHDA NA2 (Show and Field Pointed)
Rhiannon CH Beach’s Fleetwood Trax JH NSD NAVHDA NA1 
Rubi CH Graenit’s Love Potion von Trax JH NSD
Singas CH Trax T-5 Mystique Singas RE TD SH SD NRD (Field Pointed)
Socks CH Trax Business Time MH SDX NRD VX NAVHDA NA3 (Field Pointed and Dual Futurity)
Soda Trax Soda Pop Can FDJ (Show and Field Pointed)
Sparkle FC Trax Edenrock Fireworks One OA OAJ SH NRD VX NAVHDA NA3 (Show Pointed)
Talon Talon Trax of Donamoor (Field Pointed)
Tearin Barrett Tearin’ Offtha Two Trax (Field Pointed)
Tess Trax Side Hustle TD Can TDX NAVHDA NA1 (Show and Field Pointed)
Tilde Am/Can CH Trax Edenrock Waltzing Matilda SH NAVHDA NA2 (Field Pointed)
Trouble CH Tui Trax Looking for Trouble JH
Vienna Trax Wicked Concerto OA OAJ
Canadian Kennel Club
Conformation Show Pointed
Tracking Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)
Field Open Puppy – 2x 1st Place (All Breed)
Field Open Derby – 1st Place (All Breed)
American Kennel Club
Tracking Tracking Dog (TD)
Conformation Show Pointed
Weimaraner Club of America
Field Western Field Futurity – 1st Place
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
Field Natural Ability – Prize 1 (112)
Trax Side Hustle TD Can TDX NAVHDA NA1 (Show Pointed)CH Trax Thunderbird (Field Pointed)Trax Search Engine (Field Pointed)CH Jake's Tanka Siyosuka GanohaldohiDC Sir Anthony's Jake of Sanbar NAJ VX
CH Graysea's Wish Come True BROM
FC Reiteralm Legacy von Trax FC Outdoors Sport FROM
FC Saga's J.P. Getty von Reiteralm FROM NRD
CH Trax The Light Fantastic NRD ( Field Pointed)Am/Can CH Blitzkrieg's QP Trax Whistlin' Dixon Am/Can CD RN TD SDX NRD VXFC AFC Sagas Blitzkrieg von Reiteralm MH SDX RDX
Axel's Tru Calling Windancer JH NRD
Am/Can FC One Trax Mind FDX NRD NAVHDA NA1 UT2FC Waybac's Rascal FROM
Am/Can CH Regen's Bismarck Mars La Tour CD RN TD Can CDX, RD TD NAVHDA NA2 FROM
NAFC AFC Can FC AFC Trax Fresh Pony RE SH TD Can CD RM TD FD VXAm/Can CH Trax Edenrock Start Me Up CDX RE TDX TDU Can CD RE TDX UTD FDJ WDJ NSD VX2Am/Can CH Blitzkrieg's QP Trax Whistlin' Dixon Am/Can CD RN TD SDX NRD VXFC AFC Sagas Blitzkrieg von Reiteralm MH SDX RDX
Can CH Reiteralm's Absolute Point JH NSD,FROM
Am/Can CH Camelot's Good Morning Starshine
Trax Tiger Lily Can FDJAm/Can CH Trax Who Dat von Reiteralm Can FDJrGCH Camelot's Knockin' on Heaven's Door
CH Axel's Reiteralm Chica v Kasamar
Trax Kill Bill CDX RN Can TD CD RN (Show and Field Pointed)Samson von Kendzor Haus (Field Pointed)
Am/Can OTCH Can TCh VCh Regen's State of the Art VCD2 UDX2 RE TDX MH SDX RDX VX4 Can FDX AgI AgNJ NAVHDA NA1 UT2 (Field Pointed)